What People Are Saying About Rance Wright…

If pressed, I’d probably say that [Rance] Wright wields the most authority and the keenest comic sense.
– Matthew Murray of Talkin' Broadway writes about Rance Wright in his performance of BOYS WILL BE BOYS at the Signature Theater in NYC
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Rance Wright is a highly motivated individual who has a vast knowledge of industry professionals whom he calls upon when necessary to produce a spectacular project.
– Alison Franck Casting Director, NYC
It would be hard to describe the effort, dedication and passion that Rance Wright gives to his professional endeavors. Every project he undertakes is completed with vision, skill, creativity, excellence and attention to detail. His professional credentials, academic degrees, keen business skills and personal experience performing, directing and producing along with his outstanding people skills and ability to motivate others to reach their full potential make him uniquely qualified to make an important contribution to the many facets of the entertainment world.
– Janielle Christensen, Music Dance Theater Professor Brigham Young University, Producer/Director